What is Stitch Fix?

I wish I would of discovered Stitch Fix a lot sooner. It probably would of saved me from spending money on clothes I will only wear once, clothes that get worn out after one wash, and clothes that won’t stand the test of time. What is Stich Fix? It is a women’s online personal styling service. Stylist will pick out items that they think will fit your personal style and wardrobe. How does Stich Fix work? You create your online style profile. The questions are very specific such as how tall are you, what length jeans do you prefer, and what things to avoid in your boxes. The better you answer you answer them, the better idea your stylist gets about what you like an what you don’t like. The stylist will then pick 5 items and ship them to you! What’s better than getting to try on clothes in the comfort and privacy of your own home. You have three days to decide what you will keep and what you don’t want to keep. Whatever your not keeping can easily be dropped of at any USPS mailbox using their prepaid return envelope. How easy is that? Each item comes with these cute little cards to give you styling tips. A must for someone like me who usually just gravitates towards jeans and t-shirts. You also give feedback to your stylist on each item once they’ve arrived and you’ve tried everything on. The more feedback you give, the more you help your stylist. How much does Stitch Fix cost? This is super important for me because of course I do not have an unlimited budget as I’m sure many of you do not either. When filling out your styling profile, you can give them the price ranges your comfortable paying for certain items. There is a $20 dollar styling fee for every shipment. You can choose the frequency of your shipments. Every 2-3 weeks, every month, every other month, or only when you request a box. Subscriptions aren’t required!  The $20 fee goes towards whatever items you choose to keep. If you keep all 5 items Stich Fix gives you an additional $25% off. What I love about Stitch Fix I’m a big online shopper. Rarely do I ever go to stores to do my shopping unless absolutely necessary. Sometimes I need a little help stepping out of my comfort zone with fashion. My Stitch Fix stylist is there to solve that problem. She sends me clothing that is within my style but not usually stuff I would pick off a rack and choose for myself. You MUST try everything on! If in the box your thinking you would never wear that, trust me give it a shot. You might end up loving it. It’s so easy to communicate with my stylist too. I always try to be as specific as possible with my feedback. What I loved about an item, what I didn’t. Don’t be scared to say something was out of your price range or a hideous color if that’s the truth! A killer Pinterest board helps too. I pin items I like and write what I like about it. Sometimes the stylist includes exact items from the Pinterest board! So an online personal stylist that picks out clothes for me without me having to step foot in a store – what is better than that? Check back Friday for my review of my first two boxes I received! Update – See the post here
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