Summer Staycation During Quarantine

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With so many states and countries still under stay at home guidelines and positive cases still increasing in many places, I’m sure many of our summer plans are probably completely out of reach. I know I’ve had more than a few events and travel plans cancelled. Instead of dwelling on how much of a bummer that is, I’m using this forced staycation to appreciate slowing down and doing more self-care type things, while staying safe of course!

Getting Outside

Normally I’m not such an outdoorsy person. I go to the beach when I can in the summers but I don’t make it a habit to visit parks. This summer I’ve made a promise to myself to get to the beach at least once every weekend. Sitting by the ocean or Long Island Sound is so relaxing. I pack a few snacks, make myself an iced coffee and head out early. A real bonus? My cell phone signal usually sucks while I’m at the beach so I’m not on my phone the entire time! I plan on picking a few trails or paths along the water and going for walks too.

Bike Riding

I bought myself a bike a few years ago. Since then, it’s mostly sat in the garage and is a home for spider webs. In May, I cleaned it off, filled the tires and went on my first ride in almost two years! On the days it’s not scorching out, I’ve been trying to go for a quick 2 mile ride on my lunch breaks. I put my Air Pods in, queue up my workout playlist and just go. 

Practice Mindfulness

I’ve been on and off with meditating for a few years now. I haven’t figured out how to drive in traffic for an hour and meditate at the same time! Now that I have two hours back to myself a day, when I log out of work, I use the Calm app or Shine and I do a quick meditation. It helps me let go of the stresses from the work day.

Read More Books

I’ve always loved reading but don’t always have the time to really get sucked into a book for hours. Now I have the time and can make it a whole self-care event. I light a candle and either make some iced coffee or grab a glass of wine and read for hours. If it’s nice outside, I sit outside on my patio with some relaxing music in the background while Rocco runs around playing. It’s a great feeling to be able to finish a book within a week! 

Exploring My Neighborhood

Safely of course! I’ve discovered so many new to me restaurants in the area and I’m looking forward to finding new places. It’s been nice to try local small owned spots. I’m still not comfortable with dining-in anywhere but I am doing my research ahead of time to see what the outdoor seating and social distancing guidelines are like for certain places. I’ve visited a couple breweries with outdoor seating and felt very comfortable at both of them! My two faves are Oyster Bay Brewing and Port Jeff Brewery, both have very thorough social distancing rules in place! If you’re looking for some other spots on Long Island to explore check here.

I won’t be traveling anywhere or going to any events but I’ll make the best I possibly can of this summer while still staying safe. This Summer of COVID-19 is forcing me to slow down, appreciate the time at home, and prioritize things I probably wouldn’t have before.  

Share some of your summer staycation ideas!

I want to end this by saying, I know it is a privilege to have a safe environment and home to self-quarantine in. It is a privilege to have a job that allows me to work remotely while the pandemic is still going on. It’s a privilege to still have steady employment. Not everyone has these privileges and none of us should forget that. 

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