Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

Stop Comparing Yourself to Others
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This quote perfectly sums up my entire way of thinking. In every aspect of your life, you should never compare yourself to others. To truly be happy with yourself you can’t worry about living your life like others do. Don’t compare your car to your neighbor’s Mercedes. Keep doing that and you will never find happiness. Keeping up with the Joneses (or Kardashians) will never allow you to live a happy and content life. So stop comparing yourself to everyone around you right now and your week will be much better for it.
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  1. Most definitely! You can’t compare your chapter 10 to someone else’s chapter 23, you know? We’re all working towards something, at our own pace. We’ve got to be at peace with that 🙂

    Posted 10.5.15 Reply
  2. Yes! So true!

    Posted 10.7.15 Reply

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