Stitch Fix Review – October 2014

I received my third Stitch Fix box a few weeks ago and again Maranda C. did a great job picking out items for me. If your wondering how Stitch Fix works, check out my previous post here.
Included with every box is always a personalized note from the stylist. Who doesn’t love getting notes?  
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1. First up is the Shoshanna Large Gem Statement Necklace
Shoshanna Large Gem Statement Necklace
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I requested a necklace to go with a specific dress I’m wearing to an upcoming wedding and my stylist delivered! This necklace is just gorgeous & goes perfectly with my dress. I even had a picture of the dress I plan on wearing on my Pinterest board so my stylist had something to go off of.
Status: Kept of course!
2. Clemency Graphic Print Tab Sleeve Tunic
Clemency Graphic Print Tab Sleeve Tunic
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The print on this top is different & not something that would normally be found in my wardrobe and that is what I liked about it. For me, Stitch Fix is about slowly stepping out of my comfort zone. The length is great for leggings & the color is easy to match with any kind of accessories.
Status: Kept
3. Aniston Floral Kimino Cardigan
Aniston Floral Pint Kimono Cardigan
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Hmm I don’t really have anything good to say about this one. It has large flower prints all over it which I’m not a fan of and reminded me of something an old lady would wear while she is cooking. Sorta like this. This was not my style at all and way too outside my comfort zone.
Status: Returned
4. Anders Heart Print Split Neck Blouse
Anders Heart Print Split Neck Blouse
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Now this top is just adorable. Hearts are one of my favorite prints. I always gravitate towards hearts on anything, clothes, jewelry, mugs, phone cases, anything. Pulling this out the box I knew I was going to love it. The blue color is great too! The tank top underneath is attached which is a plus for me. Solves the problem of needing to search for a tank to match.
Status: Kept
5. Kaleigh Ankle Biter Skinny Jean
Kaleigh Ankle Biter Skinny Jean
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These jeans fit me perfectly and the material was super comfy. The green color was great too. However, see that white top I’m wearing with them? That’s about the only thing currently in my closet that match these jeans. As much as I liked them and wanted a pair of colorful jeans, with the wardrobe I have right now I couldn’t bring myself to keep them because I don’t have enough options to match.
Status: Returned and I still don’t own any pairs of colorful jeans.
3 out of 5 items kept. So far so good with my Stitch Fix boxes. The convenience of having a stylist pick out items for me that are delivered to my doorstep is great. Anything  to keep me out of crowded malls is a lifesaver.
  If your interested in giving Stitch Fix a try, you can sign up here. I wasn’t compensated for this post & all opinions are mine but this is a referral link & if you use it I will get spending credit. So if you do sign up make sure to pass your referral link along so you can get shopping credit too! Us shopaholics have to help each other out!  
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  1. That necklace is adorable!

    Posted 10.2.14 Reply
    • Krystal wrote:

      Thank you! It’s my new favorite necklace.

      Posted 10.7.14 Reply