Start the Next Chapter of Your Life

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Happy Monday! It’s the start of a new week so treat it like a new chapter in your life. Forget any setbacks, negativity or downfalls you may have experienced last week. The only way to move on and begin a fresh new chapter is to stop focusing on the past. Don’t re-read the last one. Focus on the new one. Each week is a brand new chapter of your life just waiting to be written by you.

What are you writing your new chapter this week?

Start the Next Chapter of Your Life

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  1. kristen wrote:

    so true! definitely need to stop dwelling on the past. i am pretty good about that most of the time, but sometimes i really get stuck and dwell and mope lol. i didn’t have a great exercise week last week, but this week i will!

    Posted 8.10.15 Reply
    • Krystal wrote:

      Everyone gets stuck and dwells on the past. I know I do especially on Monday’s. That’s why I love this quote and try to remind myself every Sunday night to let it go and move on. Easier said than done sometimes though 🙂

      Posted 8.10.15 Reply

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