Pray for Paris

Pray for Paris
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I had another post planned for today but it just didn’t seem right in light of Friday’s events. It’s a sad world we live in when people are murdered in the name of religion. When one thinks they are going about their normal day and chaos ensues. When no one is every truly 100% safe. We always think how can this happened to them, to me, to us? Does anyone ever really have an answer? An answer that makes us feel better? Probably not. As an American and New Yorker I am no stranger to terrorist attacks. Does that mean I have become jaded? Never. I feel for the people who lost their lives to a senseless act of extreme violence and the families of those lost who must now figure out how to pick up the pieces and move on with their lives. Truth is some may never put those pieces back together. They are permanently scarred and may never return to some sort of resemblance of the “normal” life they had before Friday. It is saddening that some humans are willing to kill other humans because their beliefs are different. It makes me angry. Innocent lives were lost on Friday and for what? Will this type of extreme violence ever end? I’d like to think so but most likely no. Hasn’t this world we live in always been at war all through out history because one group of people lives and worships differently from another? Haven’t there always been the sects of extremist who are willing to kill anyone who doesn’t conform to their standards? That’s why I truly believe we must try our hardest to live our lives as best as we can. Be kind to those around you, you never know what they have gone through or who they have lost. Do not let yourself become jaded or so scared you cannot live your life. If that happens then they have won. So go out today and everyday living your life to it’s fullest potential. Spread the love and kindness. Pray for the people of Paris but also pray for the world. Maybe one day the world will prove me wrong and these acts will stop. I hope so.
Pray for Paris - Spread the Love and Kindness
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  1. Thanks for such a beautiful post, K!

    Posted 11.16.15 Reply
  2. Chelsea wrote:

    I”m so glad you wrote this post and I’m kicking myself for not writing my own Paris post. It makes me so mad too. I’m not a New Yorker but I feel like if I were, I’d live in constant terror or terrorism. It’s amazing to think that this all stems down to different religious beliefs. People can try to call for peace, but the truth is that the world has been fighting for centuries. There will ALWAYS be war and religious oppression. I agree ; it’s disheartening . All you can do is spread the love like you’re doing… you’re a beautiful person.

    Posted 11.16.15 Reply
  3. The only thing we can do is pray and do our part of loving others and showing kindness. I don’t think we can every understand what drives people to do this; because, we will never think like them. It’s awful. Thanks for sharing.

    Posted 11.16.15 Reply
  4. Such a beautiful message! we need to stay strong and stand together. People need to understand, lives and humans are bigger than any belief or religion.

    Posted 11.16.15 Reply
  5. Such a beautiful post!

    Posted 11.16.15 Reply
  6. Ivanna wrote:

    Thank you for sharing Krystal. We must continue to pray for the world.

    Posted 11.17.15 Reply

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