Post Christmas Wish List

Now that Christmas is over, and I’ve started to put all the gifts away I realized I received a lot more gift cards than I thought. I know lots of people who are not fans of giving gift cards for Christmas, but I’m a huge fan of giving them and receiving them. Gift cards allow the recipient to purchase what ever they want or need without the embarrassment of returning an unwanted gift and possibly offending the person they received it from.

After Christmas, there’re a few items I always want to treat myself to, and since I have some gift cards burning a hole in my pockets, I think it’s time I spend them soon. For now though here’s my post-Christmas wish list:

Devacurl Dryer & Devafuser from Sephora



Windows Surface 2 Tablet



Glitter Coaster set from Kate Spade



Mikasa Cheers Champagne Flute set



Madison Stainless Steel Wrap Watch from Coach



Glasses from Tory Burch



Kerrington Carryall makeup case from Tory Burch



Now I definitely did not receive enough gift cards to purchase all of these but maybe one or two. In a perfect world, I would run out and buy everything asap, but this is a wish list after all so I won’t be running out to get everything.

What are some of your post-Christmas wish list items?


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