My First Time at BeautyCon

Hello lovelies! Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend. This past Saturday BeautyCon arrived in NYC. According to their marketing, BeautyCon is the world’s premier fashion, beauty, wellbeing, and lifestyle destination for fans, brands, and content creators.
BeautyCon 2015
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Tons of YouTube’s, Instagram’s and other social media platforms top beauty influencers and beauty’s top brands are present at BeautyCon.
BeautyCon NYC - The Krytal Diaries
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Now I’m not a beauty blogger, I have no makeup or hair skills beyond using a flat iron, so I’m not totally clued into who some of these vloggers and influencers are but I do know beauty brands.
My First Time at BeautyCon - The Krystal Diaries
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I had high hopes for BeautyCon but left very disappointed. There were not as many brands as expected. Shea Moisture, Revlon, Nyx, QVC where the only memorable big names there. When a convention is being marketed as the premier event for beauty I expect more.
My First Time at BeautyCon - The Krystal Diaries
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I also expected originality and uniqueness. None of these brands were introducing anything new that isn’t available in stores yet. Lines were long for each both, there were mobs of people pushing a shoving and no organization to the event eat all. I just wanted something more. Almost Everything available at BeautyCon is available at Target. It wasn’t all bad though. One brand did stand out to me – Finding Ferdinand.
Finding Ferdinand
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They are an online only company that allows you to create your own unique lipstick shades and even create your own names. You start out by purchasing the starter kit which comes with 16 unique shades, when you receive it start playing around with the shade to make your own then head on back to Finding Ferdinand’s site to enter your unique color combo and name. Voila! Your unique lipstick shade is now all yours.
Finding Ferdinand BeautyCon NYC
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Finding Ferdinand Starter+Kit+Palette
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Would I go to BeautyCon again? Probably not. Am I happy I left with at least one new unique product to try? Absolutely. Was it fun to Snapchat my way through everything? Yes. Was anyone else at BeautyCon this weekend? What did you think of it?
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  1. Paula wrote:

    As much as I love makeup I avoid events like these haha 🙂 I really can’t deal with big crowds of people. I’m so glad that you got introduced to such a cool brand though!

    Posted 10.19.15 Reply
  2. Kristen wrote:

    oh wow, that sucks it was a bit of a let down. i’m not super into makeup but if i were going to something like this, i’d want to see new and exciting things. the crowd looks insane though! finding ferdinand sounds cool though.

    Posted 10.20.15 Reply
  3. Brita Long wrote:

    I’m not a huge makeup person, but I would be disappointed by that showing too! At least you discovered one new brand. I don’t think I wear makeup enough to appreciate a custom lipstick, but I could see the appeal.

    Posted 10.29.15 Reply

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