Fiscal Fast October 2014

Fiscal Fast


For the month of October I will be going on a spending freeze, a fiscal fast, a month to save up some extra cash. You heard right – I won’t be spending money, sorta. Justine  over at The Two Cent Chick was my inspiration to give this fiscal fast a shot.

I love to shop which is really not a secret. I stay within my budget when shopping but I thought I’d try not shopping for any unnecessary items in October. Unnecessary items including – clothes, shoes, accessories, new makeup products, some hair products, Stitch Fix box, no ordering out for lunch or breakfast (if I want that bacon, egg & cheese on a bagel I will be making it myself), no Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts <— this will be the hardest I think.

Purchases that will be allowed during this fiscal fast are – household items like cleaning supplies and all those boring things, beauty products like shampoo, conditioner, face washes (I’ve never been one to hoard beauty products so if I run out of shampoo I don’t have a backup), date night dinners with the hubby (we only eat out once a week anyway & date nights are a good thing) and groceries. Only necessary groceries though, no buying  junk food!

What do I hope to gain from this? More cash in my pocket! Besides that though maybe in the long run I will learn to live on even less money. Maybe a Stitch Fix box every month won’t be necessary – only every other month. I’ll be forced to create outfits around what I already have in my closet. Maybe I will learn those shoes I must have are not really needed and the world will not end. Maybe going without Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts for a long period of time will curb my craving for it constantly.

At the end of the month I hope to see a significant increase in my savings account so wish me luck!

Who wants to join me on my Fiscal Fast?

Have you ever tried not spending unnecessary money for a whole month?

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  1. Kerry wrote:

    I am doing a spending freeze too. So trying to buy everything before October 1st. Haha!

    Posted 9.26.14 Reply
    • Krystal wrote:

      Lol I just bought a few things today thinking to myself I should buy this before October!

      Posted 9.26.14 Reply
  2. YAYYY!!!!!!! Good for you 🙂 I’m almost done now with my September spending ban, and let me tell you, it’s been difficult. I’ve done a lot of online browsing and I did buy a few things, but overall, I’ve done pretty good. Stay strong, girl!!

    Posted 9.26.14 Reply
    • Krystal wrote:

      I’ll let you know how I do! It’s going to be hard especially right before the holidays but I have hope I can stick to it 🙂

      Posted 9.29.14 Reply
  3. Shoshana wrote:

    Fiscal Fast, I’m calling the entire month of October the “Fiscal Fast” (F.F.). I to am committed to not spending money. It’s so difficult as there’s always something I want or possibly need on my walk home. Forget about the wknds as there’s brunch, maybe lunch at the sail club, dinner & for sure drinks. This summer was crazy as we did a double share in the Hamptons & Fire Island.

    I’m happy to say, my boyfriend & two co-workers will be practicing the same F.F. I have to admit I did do some shopping this wknd when I came home for the holiday. I really cleaned up at the Walt Whitman Mall but that was on moms credit card, so I still spend zero.
    Great post! (new post today)
    Instagram: koshercoco

    Posted 9.29.14 Reply
    • Krystal wrote:

      Good luck with your Fiscal Fast & let me know how it goes!

      Posted 10.1.14 Reply

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