derma e Hydrating Night Crème

derma e hydrating night creme review

Disclosure: I was sent this product courtesy of Brandbacker and derma e but all opinions are my own. Keep reading to find a coupon code to purchase at your local Walgreens.

I have one of the most annoying skin types out there – combination skin. My skin is super oily in some areas, extremely dry in other areas and acne prone. Now that the Fall season has arrived and the temperatures have started to drop here my skin is even more out of control. Dry patches on my cheeks and chin but shine and oil on my nose and forehead.

I didn’t always have this lovely problem and I was not one of those teenagers who battled acne. The skin problems did not start until I was around 19 years old and almost ten years later I’m still dealing with it. Now I also have the awesome acne scars as proof of my battle.

If your skin is anything like mine, you know the fear of trying new facial products because the slightest little thing can send the acne into overdrive and make your face an oil slick. I’m always weary of trying anything new. Can you blame me?

Night creams have always been something I’ve shied away from. Who wants to wake up in the morning feeling like an oily mess with brand new cystic acne all over their face? Not me that’s for sure.

derma e hydrating night creme review

However, when I was sent derma e Hydrating Night Crème to try I really couldn’t resist because I’ve only ever heard good things about it. It is also about time I start using some anti-aging products. I have noticed a couple of fine lines on my face, mostly my laugh lines and they are pretty noticeable.

The derma e Hydrating Night Crème contains hyaluronic acid providing moisturization throughout the night to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. derma e provides a natural line of products containing vitamins and antioxidants. derma e is easy to find at your local Walgreens so no going to a specialty beauty store or being forced to only order online. Very big bonus – they are a vegan and cruelty free brand!

The derma e Hydrating Night Crème has a pleasantly light fragrance to it. Nothing overwhelming. Oh did I mention I have allergies too? So anything with a strong fragrance automatically makes me sneeze? This didn’t happen at all when I first applied the lotion.

It is a thick creme but minus the extra oiliness. It went on thick but absorbed into my skin almost immediately. I woke up in the morning and my skin felt soft, smooth and I didn’t have any new breakouts or extra oil. The dry patches I normally have on my face were gone too. I dare say even the oily areas of my face were LESS oily! That just proves that a good night creme will help balance out my skin.

I’ve been using the derma e Hydrating Night Creme for a little over a week now and have noticed a difference in the balance of my skin but I haven’t noticed a big reduction in my laugh lines yet.

The price point is very affordable too, $23.99 (prices may vary) at Walgreens for a 2 oz. jar. One jar will easily last two months. A little goes a long way!

So try something new this Fall to help take care of your skin and balance out those dry patches or oiliness print out this coupon and head on over to your closest Walgreens!

derma e hydrating night creme review

Have you used any derma e products before?

How do you take care of your skin in the Fall?

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  1. Jayne wrote:

    Well, I just recently started using Lancôme renergie lift multi-action night in addition to the complete cleanser-toner-lotion daily routine… and I can tell my skin is brighter, smoother, and more radiant. However, I tried just the trio and haven’t used the night cream for the past week and I haven’t noticed a change- so I can only determine that I think the night cream is just lovely smelling whip cream in a jar … maybe I’ll take a trip to Walgreens and pick up your new find 🙂

    Posted 11.12.15 Reply
  2. Hannah wrote:

    I totally know the feeling of not wanting to try new products. I have such sensitive and dry skin and it’s always horrible when it causes it to breakout– as so many products do. I’ll definitely need to give this a try though! Sounds like it might work well for me!

    Posted 11.12.15 Reply
  3. Love Derma-E’s products!! Similar to you.. I was always against night creams, but I love this one. On top of not having all the nasty ingredients in it.. it actually works well!

    Posted 11.12.15 Reply
  4. I’ve got to try this cream out!! I love hyaluronic acid and am an absolute believer in what it does for the skin!

    ♥ Heather

    Posted 11.12.15 Reply
  5. Ivanna wrote:

    Thanks for this review, I am in the market for a night cream now that I’m 35 I probably should start using one lol. This is very affordable also.

    Posted 11.12.15 Reply

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