Chocolate Cranberry Overnight Oats

I am a huge oatmeal fan. Oatmeal for breakfast or lunch is a regular staple for me. It’s super easy to throw together and keeps me full for hours. The only problem? During the summer months, I can’t bring myself to eat anything overly warm for breakfast.

Overnight oats are my go to during the warmer months, and I love that I can throw everything together the night before and just grab and go in the mornings.

Chocolate Cranberry Overnight Oats //  The Krystal Diaries

I actually think overnight oats have a different texture than warm oatmeal. It’s creamier, thicker, and tastier in my opinion. I can see myself having overnight oats well into the chillier months ahead.

There are so many overnight oat recipes out there but chocolate cranberry overnight oats has been my favorite so far. It’s super simple to put together, and each ingredient is things I normally have in my pantry.

Chocolate Cranberry Overnight Oats // The Krystal Diaries


  1. 1/2 cup organic quick oats
  2. 1 cup organic almond milk
  3. 1 tbsp dark chocolate cocoa powder
  4. 1 tsp organic agave syrup
  5. a handful of dried organic cranberries (for topping)
  6. a handful toasted organic coconut (for topping)

Chocolate Cranberry Overnight Oats Ingredients // The Krystal Diaries


  1. Place oats and cocoa powder in an airtight container (I use mason jars) and mix well. Make sure the cocoa powder evenly covers the oats.
  2. Add in the almond milk and agave syrup. Mix everything well.
  3. Cover and store in fridge overnight.
  4. Top with cranberries and toasted coconut and enjoy!

Chocolate Cranberry Overnight Oats // The Krystal Diaries

Chocolate Cranberry Overnight Oats // The Krystal Diaries

Are you a fan of overnight oats?

What’s your go-to easy breakfast?


Chocolate Cranberry Overnight Oats

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  1. Overnight oats are so convenient! It is just so hard to get up early some days to make breakfast. Love the idea of cranberries plus chocolate!

    Posted 9.5.16 Reply
  2. Lexi wrote:

    YUM this looks delicious! I have never tried overnight oats and this recipe has me really excited to make it.

    Posted 9.6.16 Reply
  3. MegOhKay wrote:

    I have never heard of overnight oats before- what a cool concept. Usually my meals consist of whatever the little guy decides he doesn’t want… soggy cheerios, bites of toast, you know, the usual mommy-fare. I’d love to have something ready to go as I’m chasing him around the house! Thank you!

    Posted 9.6.16 Reply
  4. I LOVE overnight oats! I will definitely be trying these!

    Posted 9.6.16 Reply
  5. I haven’t tried overnight oats but I love the idea of it being quick and easy in the morning but still a decent breakfast! I’m going to try this!

    Posted 9.6.16 Reply
  6. Leslie wrote:

    I’m a super fan of over night oats. This means i can grab a jar and head out the door. Yum these sound yummy!

    Posted 9.6.16 Reply
  7. These look delicious! I love all things chocolate

    Posted 9.6.16 Reply
  8. I love overnight oats and this sounds like such a yummy recipe! I have only done blueberry and apple/cinnamon. This is on my list next!

    Posted 9.6.16 Reply
  9. Totally agree with you about the texture of overnight oats. They seem chewier (which I actually love)! This is a great combo — who doesn’t love chocolate?! And for breakfast!! 🙂

    Posted 9.6.16 Reply
  10. Tara L wrote:

    YUMMY! This looks so decadent and delicious. I must try this recipe sometime soon.

    Posted 9.6.16 Reply
  11. Melissa wrote:

    This sounds perfect for back to school time now. I want to try this and see if my son likes it. I know it’s something I will definitely enjoy.

    Posted 9.7.16 Reply
  12. annalisanuttall wrote:

    Yum this seriously look delicious. xx Perfect for breakfast and for a snack. xx

    Posted 9.7.16 Reply
  13. Louise wrote:

    Love this – I am always looking for new healthy ideas! Will give this one a go, thanks!

    Posted 9.7.16 Reply
  14. Elizabeth wrote:

    I’m a recent convert to the wonderful world of overnight oats. Loving your recipe suggestion!

    Posted 9.7.16 Reply
  15. I was just talking to my hubby about overnight oats. So going to try this.

    Posted 9.7.16 Reply
  16. This look so tasty, and I have some oats now but not as good looking as these 😉 xx Adaleta Avdic

    Posted 9.7.16 Reply
  17. chelseajacobs wrote:

    These look SO delicious!

    Posted 9.7.16 Reply
  18. Beth Shankle Anderson wrote:

    I love cranberries! I think they are the perfect fruit. Terrific recipe! Thanks so much for sharing!

    Beth ||

    Posted 9.7.16 Reply
  19. Yumm.. This looks so delicious! I have never tried overnight oats but now excited to make it!

    Posted 9.8.16 Reply
  20. It looks so yum and healthy breakfast! Can’t wait to try it!

    Posted 9.8.16 Reply
  21. This sounds so yummy. Looks good. You have almond milk and milk mentioned in your ingredients, but you don’t mention when to add the milk in the directions. Not sure if this is an error, but was wondering if your ratio is 1:2 or 1;4. 🙂

    Posted 9.10.16 Reply
    • Krystal wrote:

      Step 2 is when you add the milk to the oats 🙂

      Posted 9.10.16 Reply
  22. Kaylie wrote:

    looks so yummy!

    Posted 9.13.16 Reply
    • Krystal wrote:


      Posted 9.15.16 Reply

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