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  Update September 2017: Well, I am now 30 and have been since May so I thought it was time I revisited this post. How did I do? Ok I guess. Some things I did accomplish, others I decided I really no longer had an interest in doing or trying. Other things, I’m still working on but that’s life right? It’s kind of funny to look back at the things I wanted to do at 26. In some ways I still feel 26 and in other ways I’ve learned and grown so much. Who am I kidding? I still think I’m 19 at times 🙂   In the almost four years since I wrote this list, I’ve learned to stop trying to over plan. I’ve stopped with the list. I’ve learned to go with the flow more. I’m still a planner but only about more practical or important things, like finances because that’s the adult thing to do right? I will probably never write a post like this again but never say never right? What have you learned about yourself in the last 4 years? Originally Posted December 20, 2013 Earlier this year I turned 26 and everyone quickly pointed out to me that I’m now closer to 30 than I am to 20. Awesome right? Thanks for the reminder. Actually it doesn’t seem so bad. Getting older doesn’t bother me all that much. Turning 26 did make me start thinking about the things I want to accomplish before 30. In no particular order here are my 30 goals before 30: 1. Begin a workout routine I joined a gym, quit, and now workout at home regularly. I am absolutely healthier now than I was 4 years ago. 2. Travel to Europe – didn’t exactly make it there before 30 but I did make it right after my 30th birthday 3. Throw someone a surprise party – just not the hubby he hates them 4. Learn to cook – I bake not cook – Hahaha yea right I’m over wanting to cook 5. Visit Canada – The husband & I went to Montreal for our 5th wedding anniversary  6. Try a juice cleanse – after researching, I totally change my mind on this 7. Make my blog a success  I think I did? Maybe this is an ever evolving type thing? 8. Save more money – I’ve become pretty financially savvy! 9. Remodel the kitchen 10. Visit my cousin in California 11. Improve my Spanish speaking skills 12. Grow a vegetable garden and keep it alive – I’m so not outdoorsy so this is never going to happen. Nature and I are not friends. 13. Create a collage wall somewhere in the house. Upstairs hallway maybe? – Check! 14. Organize all of my photos into albums – I have tons! – Done! I’ve been using Shutterfly to create my albums 15. Go scuba diving 16. Volunteer somewhere that helps with animals – So I haven’t done this but I now donate to North Shore Animal League regularly 17. Learn to ice skate 18. Go to a beer brewery – I’ve done this so many times now! I was really missing out before 19. Spend a weekend in the Hamptons and see what all the fuss is about  – eh I’m over wanting to go there 20. Cut certain meats out of my diet permanently – pork and beef. This is a tough one I don’t know if I’ll be able to do it – I’ve haven’t completely cut it out but I maybe have beef every couple of months if that? 21. Fix up the garage – Ha this one is a total joke, it’ll never happen 22. Go back to Puerto Rico – I haven’t been there in 7 years that’s way too long – I didn’t make it back but I am going soon, fingers crossed! 23. Read Dracula – it was a free book on my Nook when I purchased it 2 years ago I’ve been wanting to read it and just never do 24. Donate blood – I don’t have a fear of needles but the idea I losing all that blood scares me 25. Learn to sew – seriously I can’t even sew a button back onto something – I’ve decided to invest in a good dry cleaner/seamstress instead  26. Go to the Ben & Jerry’s factory in Vermont 27. Go vegetarian for a month 28. Step outside my comfort zone more often 29. Go to church regularly – I used to go every week but over time I’ve stopped and there’s really no excuse other than I’ve been lazy and that’s not ok 30. Buy a bicycle and use it – I got one, used it for a while regularly then it’s like I forgot I had it…insert eye roll. So there’s my list. Check back often to see updates!    
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  1. Jaz wrote:

    #2 Me too!! #6 im doing on Janurary 1st for 3-5days if you’d like to join me. My co worker is too, but I can be your long distance support system..#10 Can I come with?..#11 Ricardo can get you Rosetta Stone for free, he’s gonna put it on my computer lol ..#17 we’re taking Jordyn sometime i the next couple days, if wanna come? ..#20 I do this except on holidays.. #29 I need to do also

    This list is great, go you. I’m going to make mine before the new year.. I’ll share with you!

    Posted 12.24.13 Reply

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