Favorite Grocery Money Saving Apps

Favorite Grocery Money Saving Apps
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If you’re frugal and like to save money where you can like I do and you are not using apps to save you money on your groceries, you are missing out on tons of savings! Groceries are expensive, especially organic or healthier produce options and who has time to clip coupons? I definitely don’t have time for that. Clipping coupons is not the only way to save money anymore thanks to our phones. There are so many apps out there designed to save shoppers money. Some are complicated and some are super easy to use and require no planning ahead. A few clicks and scans and you’ll be on your way to savings! These are my tried and true apps that never fail me: Checkout 51  (Available on iPhone and Android) This app offers cash back after you’re done grocery shopping, so save those receipts! Every Thursday, Checkout 51 updates their app with a new list of items ranging from store specific items, ie. soda purchased at Walmart, to items purchased from any store. None of your items purchases match Checkout 51’s items? No problem, if you’ve spent over $60 you can still upload your receipt for a chance to win $500. Once your account reaches $20 you can cash out and Checkout 51 will mail you your check. Ibotta (Available on iPhone and Android) This is another cash back app that offers a wide range of grocery stores throughout the country. After you’re done shopping, scroll through Ibotta and pick your store, choose the items available for cash back that you’ve purchased, scan the barcode on the item you purchased (so if it came in a box don’t toss it out right away!), then upload your receipt and your done! With Ibotta you have the options of getting your money back, after you’ve reached $20, through PayPal or you have the option to pick gift cards once you’ve reached $25 dollars. This app is easier to reach the payout threshold because it has more store options and item options than Checkout 51 but Checkout 51 doesn’t require you to scan the barcodes on the items you’ve purchased. P.S. Ibotta also offers cash back at other places like movie theaters and Sephora Cartwheel (Available on iPhone and Android) Calling all Target junkies, this is the app for you! As you are shopping scan the barcodes of your items before you toss them in your shopping cart. If Target has a coupon available for that item, it will pop up and you can add it to your barcode. At the checkout register show them your barcode and all the applicable coupons will be applied directly to your purchase. Cartwheel is a Target app so it can only be used in Target stores but I shop so much there, I’m always saving money. Savings Catcher (Available on iPhone and Android) This is a great app for any Walmart shoppers. I know Walmart is a huge chain in some states. Not so much near me but I am lucky enough to have a Walmart Neighborhood Market not too far that I can do a lot of my grocery shopping at. Savings Catcher is a cash back app that searches nearby stores for each item on your receipt. If any stores nearby have an item you purchased for less, you get the difference back in the form of a Walmart gift card. There is no threshold with this app, so every time you get cash back, it can be transferred directly to your Walmart gift card. These four apps have saved me so much money on groceries. There’s no way around it, organic produce will always cost more that non-organic and I try to purchase organic produce whenever possible and my favorite grocery money savings apps are helping to keep money in my pocket! Don’t forget after you’ve used the Cartwheel or Savings Catcher apps, you can then still use Checkout 51 and Ibotta to get even more savings! Have you used any grocery money savings apps?
Favorite Grocery Money Saving Apps - The Krystal Diaries
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Favorite Grocery Money Saving Apps
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  1. These are great! I also love Saving Star. It’s not an app, although they ave an app, but it works the same way and I save a lot of money with them!

    Posted 2.3.16 Reply
  2. Cori wrote:

    I’m going to look into these. Thanks! I love the idea of not really having to do anything special but scan a barcode on something I bought anyways or just uploading a receipt.

    Posted 2.3.16 Reply
  3. To bad these are only for the US. Groceries are pretty expensive on this little island I’m living on and these apps would have helped for sure. Maybe when I’m on a vacay there I can use.

    Posted 2.3.16 Reply
  4. Checkout 51 is a new one to me. Can’t wait to see how it works. I love using my grocery aps to save money.

    Posted 2.3.16 Reply
  5. Ana wrote:

    Thanks for sharing this amazing tips of saving money.

    Posted 2.5.16 Reply
  6. Elizabeth O wrote:

    I should check out some of your suggestions as I don’t use any money saving apps. I have other ways I save but this is worth looking at.

    Posted 2.5.16 Reply
  7. Maureen wrote:

    These are great suggestions and defiantly worth exploring more. Thanks for sharing this info!

    Posted 2.7.16 Reply
  8. Melody wrote:

    I didn’t know apps like this existed, I will test a few out on my next store run

    Posted 2.8.16 Reply
  9. Susannah wrote:

    I’m going to have to look into these! I mean, really, who doesn’t love saving some money? 🙂

    Posted 2.18.16 Reply
  10. Paula wrote:

    Not familiar with any of these apps, but definitely going to check them out! This was an awesome idea for a post! 🙂

    Thirteen Thoughts

    Posted 3.10.16 Reply
  11. kristen wrote:

    i just downloaded the ibotta one a couple weeks ago but i keep forgetting about it. i really need to use it because heyyy free money right?!

    Posted 3.17.16 Reply

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