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Travel Must Haves

Travel Must Haves

Everyone has their travel must have items. There’s always a few things no matter what I just can’t travel without. If I travel without these things, I will feel completely lost. I will probably spend my time on vacation thinking about the one must have that I didn’t bring and then kick myself in the ass for not packing it.

First up, my Nook


I can’t go anywhere on a day to day basis without it, so I 100% CAN NOT travel without it. I have a unhealthy attachment to it. When traveling I always need a few good books downloaded on it to read. Reading is what keeps me sane on a plane ride or long car ride. Have you ever seen the Buzzfeed list of most downloaded books by state? I guess next time I travel I’ll have to download a few of these.

My iPod


I actually don’t use it much anymore everyday, but when traveling I seem to use it everyday. In the airport, on the plane, on the beach, by the pool, at some point I will be listening to music. While reading my on my Nook, I need music playing in the background. I always make sure to stock up on tons of new songs before I leave for vacation.

My Lovesac by JK Paris bag


I found this bag on Hautelook a few years ago and it is now my go to beach bag. It’s the perfect size to fit towels and sunscreen into.



Again I need stuff to entertain me on plane and car rides. So I always bring a ton of magazines with me. Probably more than I should but I just can’t help it.

A camera


I never ever use my phone to take pictures when traveling. I still whip out my trusty camera every time. Truth is my cellphone is always locked up in a room safe when I’m traveling. I prefer to totally disconnect from everything when away.

Two pairs of sunglasses, maybe four


I know more than one pair may not be totally necessary but I feel like I need my options. A brown pair and black pair are what I always travel with.

Now I do realize my travel must haves are not all practical. I mean who really needs a bunch of magazines or more than one pair of sunglasses but I just can’t help it.

What are your travel must haves?

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