Don’t Give Up

Don't Give up on your Dreams

I thought it only fitting my first blog post back should be about not giving up on a dream.

Blogging is a dream of mine. It may not be a big fancy dream for some but for me it is. If you were a reader of my last blog, you know I stopped blogging in October. At the time I knew I wasn’t exactly quitting because I knew I’d be back, maybe I didn’t know when but I knew I would be.

So why did I still feel like I was giving up? I know deep down I wasn’t throwing the towel in, I was just taking a break and getting back to “real” life. I had goals for my blog, I still have those same goals. The time it will take to accomplish those goals are just more realistic the second time around. They will take a while to be reached, but I’ll get there one day.

Too much pressure was placed on me by no one other than myself. I’ve learned from that and will continue to learn through my blogging experience.

But you know what? This time around I won’t be giving up because no matter how long it takes to reach my goals the time is passing by anyway. So why not spend that time working towards my dream.

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