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    How to Pack in a Carry On ft. Vera Bradley & An Exciting Announcement

    Planning a trip can be stressful at times. From picking accommodations, to figuring out who to get to a location, tying to get the biggest bang for your buck, language barriers, jet lag, the list goes on. #firstworldproblems I know. Trying to figure out how to pack adds to that stress sometimes too. Especially trying to pack in a carry on for a week long trip. Don’t travel bloggers make it look all so pretty and simple sometimes?

    How To Pack In A Carry On Bag ft. Vera Bradley // The Krystal Diaries

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    Travel Must Haves

    Everyone has their travel must have items. There’s always a few things no matter what I just can’t travel without….

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    Five Important Travel Tips

    Yesterday was the first official day of Spring…finally!! This winter lasted what feels like forever. Now if Mother Nature would just get…

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