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    BarkBox Review – August

    August BarkBox Review

    It’s that time again to review Rocco’s BarkBox! Want to know more about what BarkBox is? You can read about it here.

    This box was nautical themed, the perfect box to end the summer with! There were lobsters, rope and cheddar biscuits. This time BarkBox even included this cute little Ruv Note

    A Ruv Note from BarkBoxAhoy again Pupscriber

    Did I read it Rocco? Why yes of course I did! He totally loved every minute of me reading it to him <- said in a sarcastic voice.

    Now onto the items included in this box –

    1. Jolly Pets Romp n’ Roll ($11)

    Jolly Pets Romp n' Roll

    This is Rocco’s new favorite toy of the moment. The ball is puncture resistant i.e. big dog tooth resistant. It’s meant to last. Even the rope has held up well so far. It can float too according to the little info card that BarkBox always provides but I haven’t tested that out. Rocco is terrified of water so even if it doesn’t really float that won’t be a problem for us.

    2. Pet Rageous Lobster ($8)

    Pet Rageous Lobster

    I am a little shocked a soft squeak toy was included in Rocco’s box. He has received soft toys before in boxes and I’m not sure why BarkBox includes them in boxes meant for large dogs. Soft toys don’t usually fare well in this house. In a matter of days they are destroyed and there is stuffing all over the place. It’s still in tact but probably not for much longer.

    3. Bocce’s Bakery Lobster Roll Treats ($9.50)

    Bocce's Bakery Lobster Roll Treats

    I like to believe these are one of Rocco’s favorite treats because they are lobster flavored (according to the packaging – I haven’t tested it out) and I really really like lobster. So duh of course that means my dog really really likes lobster. This is a limited edition summer flavor made with organic rye & barley flour, lobster, kelp & parsley. I like that these are organic as Rocco does have his little tummy issues. This company is located super close to me right in NYC.

    4. Grandma Bowser’s Cheddar Biscuits ($8)

    Grandma Bowser's Cheddar Biscuits

    Last but not least are these cheddar biscuits. They are made with all natural ingredients right in Pennsylvania. For any doggies out there with food allergies, these are wheat, corn & soy free.

    Overall, I am satisfied with this box. If you’ve noticed there were only 4 items included this month which is a little less than normal. While I like that 2 toys came, I would of preferred 2 durable toys and not something that will be destroyed in a short amount of time.

    The total for this month’s box was $36.50 and I only paid $19. So far paying $19 a month for dog treats & toys is still worth it and Rocco is thoroughly enjoying being spoiled.

    Do you currently subscribe to BarkBox? Do you want to? Subscribe here and get 10% off your off your first subscription.

    Disclaimer: This link is my personal invite code. If used you will get 10% off your first subscription. I had the option to receive a free month for every person who subscribes OR donate my free box to a shelter in need. I chose to donate my box.  I’m not sure what charity has been chosen for this month but as soon as I do know I’ll give you all an update! This month’s charity is Bark n Rest Retirement Center.


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