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    Why Bloggers Shouldn’t Work for Free

    Talking about money and salaries is a taboo subject. Everyone likes to keep their secrecy about how much they are making and that’s ok. Not all bloggers need to write a monthly post about how much they made. Some bloggers do and that’s great but not everyone is comfortable sharing that. However, we should be slightly open and admit yes, some bloggers do make money from writing sponsored posts. Why should we share this? To let other bloggers out there know that yes, it is absolutely ok to earn some cash from your blog. Also, to let companies know this as well. Why? Because it seems like a lot of brands expect bloggers to work for free. Companies reach out to us expecting promotion of their brands or products for free. Why do they expect promotion from bloggers for no payment? I’m really not sure but blogging is hard work and here is why bloggers shouldn’t work for free.

    Why Bloggers Shouldn't Work for Free // The Krystal Diaries

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