If you’ve never watched the Blackfish documentary by CNN Films…you probably should.

I’ve never been to SeaWorld and I can now say I never will go to SeaWorld. I have always been a big believer that certain animals should never be in captivity. SeaWorld has killer whales in captivity to put on shows for entertainment value. Having these animals in captivity is dangerous to both humans and the whales. Are they there for educational purposes? I mean what’s educational about making them jump around the pool or wave hello to the crowd? It kind of seems to me that these animals are being exploited. 

Blackfish is a documentary mostly focusing on Tilikum, a male killer whale. He has killed two trainers. The first at SeaLand in Victoria, B.C. and the second at SeaWorld in Orlando, FL. He also probably killed a man who was trespassing on SeaWorld property after business hours.

According to the documentary, SeaWorld has responded to all of the deaths by claiming they were drownings or caused by an error on the trainers part. Both responses wiping their hands of any responsibility.

Now I don’t think any of these deaths can be 100% blamed on the animal. When an animal who is meant to live in the wild, has spent most of its life in captivity, I do believe they become frustrated. Animals can not communicate the way we can so how do they express their frustration? By becoming aggressive.

Seaworld is choosing to keep these killer whales in captivity despite the obvious dangers. Why? I believe because it makes them tons of money and everything always comes down to money. Without their Shamu show they’d probably lose the number 1 thing that draws so man people to their park every day and as a result they’d lose most of their revenue.

There is so much more to this documentary so you have to watch to get the full picture and make your own judgements. I couldn’t find it available anywhere online to watch for free or when CNN will be replaying it but it is available to download on iTunes.

SeaWorld declined to participate in the Blackfish documentary but they did release their response here.

Oh and when this documentary was released, Tilikum was still performing in their shows.

What are your thoughts on Blackfish?

Have you ever been to SeaWorld or would you ever go after you’ve watched this?

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