BarkBox Review – March

BarkBox Review March

I know I’m a little late with my review of Rocco’s March BarkBox but I have a good reason for that – the hubby and I were in Aruba last week for our anniversary! I’ll share our trip with you all next week. I’m still trying to catch up and get back in the swing of things. Coming back from vacation to real life is just so hard sometimes.

Of course Rocco was very excited to see what he got in this month’s breakfast themed box.


1. Petprojekt ($14)

Petprojekt DogEgg

This DogEgg from PetProjekt is the prefect toy for Rocco. It’s very durable for Rocco’s nonstop chewing and has some serious bounce to it when we play fetch with him. I predict this toy will last Rocco a super long time before he destroys it.

2. Pet Qwerks ($8)

Pet Qwerks Newspaper

I thought this plush toy was adorable! It’s a newspaper for dogs. What’s not to love? There’s squeakers inside that kept Rocco entertained and crinkle paper so when he chewed it sounded like a real newspaper. Downside? Rocco destroyed it in a day. It was just too soft of a toy for him to last. It doesn’t seem like it’s actually for sale on Pet Qwerks website but I did find it on Amazon.

3. Wagatha’s ($8.95)


Wagatha’s does it again! Rocco has received their biscuits in his BarkBox before and these are my favorite. I love that they are organic and safe for Rocco’s sensitive stomach. These contain only human grade organic ingredients and according to BarkBox and the Wagatha’s website they are a snack choice for the humans who work there. Will I be trying them…no, but I guess it’s good to know they are safe for us humans too.

4. Superior Farms ($13.99)

Superior Farms

Rocco went nuts for these Superior Farms Venison Waffles. These are all natural and only one ingredient – venison lung. Try not to think to much about that. The thought kind of grosses me out but hey they are meant for dogs and Rocco approves! Superior Farms also sells dog supplements, cat treats, and cat supplements.

5. Etta Says ($9.49 for an 8oz bag)

Etta Says

I haven’t given this duck jerky to Rocco yet but BarkBox says these treats are perfect for any dogs with chicken or beef allergies.


This month’s BarkBox total was $54.43! And what did I pay – $19. I loved that all of the treats included in this month’s box were full size packages except the Etta Says. For me, the $19 a month for a 6 month subscription is still worth it.

Do you currently subscribe to BarkBox? Do you want to? Subscribe here and get $5 off your first subscription

Disclaimer: This link is my personal invite code. If used you will get $5 off your first subscription. I had the option to receive a free month for every person who subscribes OR donate my free box to a shelter in need. I chose to donate my box. This month BarkBox is currently donating any free boxes I may earn to Bald is Beautiful Dog Rescue 


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