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I don’t know about you, but I am obsessed with Rocco. He is my child, and I think it is complete without a doubt ok to treat him like he is a child and not a dog. I spoil him; I talk to him, I hug and kiss him. Normal right? I think so.

Since I like to spoil him, I signed him up for BarkBox, a subscription service that delivers dog treats and toys right to your door. You pick your dog size – small & cute, just right, or big & bold. The treats and toys are geared to your dog’s size. There is also a 1 month, 3 months, or 6-month subscription option. BarkBox donates 10% of their proceeds to dogs in need. I get to spoil my dog and help out other dogs which I love.

I currently have Rocco subscribed for 6 months at $19 a month. For the hubby and I, that saves us money. Before we signed up, we easily spent way over $19 a month on treats and toys for Rocco at the pet store. Every month we receive Rocco’s box with 4-6 items in it that are always high-quality ingredients. BarkBox will always include a card with the description of every item, so there’s no guessing what’s what.



Look at how patiently Rocco waits for his box!



First up is Loving Pets Barksters –  These are sweet potato and beef flavored crisps that are wheat, gluten free, and low fat. They are made right in New Jersey too! No worries about where they came from and their safety. Rocco has tested them out, and he approves!



Happy Howie’s Lamb Sausage – these are all natural sausage links for dogs. They are meant to be broken into little pieces NOT given to your dog as a whole. I was worried they were going to have a funky smell when I opened the bag because let’s be honest some dog treats stink especially sausage type ones. No worries though these didn’t stink.



Licks Recovery Aid Athlete- it’s a sports drink for your dog. It’s meant to help with muscular function and recovery while also supporting joint & cartilage health. A big plus for big dogs like Rocco. The directions say to administer a small amount with food and or water during and after rigorous activity. I think I will hold onto these until the spring and summer time and put a few drops into Rocco’s water when we are outside for hours at a time playing. I really like the joint and cartilage aspect since Rocco is 75lbs.



Your Dog’s Dinner Mutt Meatball Mix – this is an organic mix meant to be added to one pound of meat and one egg, rolled into little meatballs and into the oven they go. These I will not be making since I don’t cook, and I don’t like the idea of feeding Rocco meat. We don’t feed him any type of table or people food what so ever. Rocco doesn’t have to worry, though, I will mix this in with his normal dog food. I think I’ll add some water make his dog food mushy and roll it into little doggy food meatballs instead. I do love that this is organic, though! The hubby swears Rocco eats healthier than we do.

Last but not least was a toy. It was a squeaky red football that Rocco promptly took and ran off with. He hid it somewhere and now I can’t find it- the reason there’s no picture of it.

Are you interested in spoiling your dog too? – Subscribe here and get $5 off your first subscription


Disclaimer: This link is my personal invite code. If used you will get $5 off your first subscription. I had the option to receive a free month for every person who subscribes OR donate my free box to a shelter in need. I chose to donate my box. This month BarkBox is currently donating any free boxes I may earn to Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary 

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