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    The Best Brussels Beer and Chocolate Tour with The Brussels Journey

    When I started planning my trip to Brussels, I knew I wanted to go on some sort of tour. I usually lean towards food type tours because I absolutely love to eat on vacations and trips. When I was researching and came across the beer and chocolate tour with The Brussels Journey, I had a feeling it was the perfect tour for myself, my mom and brother. We all love chocolate, who doesn’t, and I knew the beer would be right up my brother’s alley. Me personally, before this trip, would never have referred to myself as a beer fan. I like some beers and I do like to try craft beers but normally there are very few beers I actually like. However, when in the land of chocolate and beer you have to indulge in both!

    The Best Beer & Chocolate Tour with The Brussels Journey // The Krystal Diaries

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