Favorite Grocery Money Saving Apps

Favorite Grocery Money Saving Apps

If you’re frugal and like to save money where you can like I do and you are not using apps to save you money on your groceries, you are missing out on tons of savings!

Groceries are expensive, especially organic or healthier produce options and who has time to clip coupons? I definitely don’t have time for that. Clipping coupons is not the only way to save money anymore thanks to our phones.

There are so many apps out there designed to save shoppers money. Some are complicated and some are super easy to use and require no planning ahead. A few clicks and scans and you’ll be on your way to savings!

These are my tried and true apps that never fail me:

Checkout 51  (Available on iPhone and Android)

This app offers cash back after you’re done grocery shopping, so save those receipts! Every Thursday, Checkout 51 updates their app with a new list of items ranging from store specific items, ie. soda purchased at Walmart, to items purchased from any store. None of your items purchases match Checkout 51’s items? No problem, if you’ve spent over $60 you can still upload your receipt for a chance to win $500.

Once your account reaches $20 you can cash out and Checkout 51 will mail you your check.

Ibotta (Available on iPhone and Android)

This is another cash back app that offers a wide range of grocery stores throughout the country. After you’re done shopping, scroll through Ibotta and pick your store, choose the items available for cash back that you’ve purchased, scan the barcode on the item you purchased (so if it came in a box don’t toss it out right away!), then upload your receipt and your done!

With Ibotta you have the options of getting your money back, after you’ve reached $20, through PayPal or you have the option to pick gift cards once you’ve reached $25 dollars.

This app is easier to reach the payout threshold because it has more store options and item options than Checkout 51 but Checkout 51 doesn’t require you to scan the barcodes on the items you’ve purchased.

P.S. Ibotta also offers cash back at other places like movie theaters and Sephora

Cartwheel (Available on iPhone and Android)

Calling all Target junkies, this is the app for you! As you are shopping scan the barcodes of your items before you toss them in your shopping cart. If Target has a coupon available for that item, it will pop up and you can add it to your barcode. At the checkout register show them your barcode and all the applicable coupons will be applied directly to your purchase.

Cartwheel is a Target app so it can only be used in Target stores but I shop so much there, I’m always saving money.

Savings Catcher (Available on iPhone and Android)

This is a great app for any Walmart shoppers. I know Walmart is a huge chain in some states. Not so much near me but I am lucky enough to have a Walmart Neighborhood Market not too far that I can do a lot of my grocery shopping at.

Savings Catcher is a cash back app that searches nearby stores for each item on your receipt. If any stores nearby have an item you purchased for less, you get the difference back in the form of a Walmart gift card.

There is no threshold with this app, so every time you get cash back, it can be transferred directly to your Walmart gift card.

These four apps have saved me so much money on groceries. There’s no way around it, organic produce will always cost more that non-organic and I try to purchase organic produce whenever possible and my favorite grocery money savings apps are helping to keep money in my pocket!

Don’t forget after you’ve used the Cartwheel or Savings Catcher apps, you can then still use Checkout 51 and Ibotta to get even more savings!

Have you used any grocery money savings apps?

Favorite Grocery Money Saving Apps - The Krystal Diaries

Focus on the Future, Not Yesterday

Spending Today Complaing About Yesterday
Happy Monday! If you have off today from work like me, I hope you enjoy your day. If you’re working – sorry.

I always try to focus on today and the days ahead, never the negative things that happened in the past. It’s not always easy or sometimes even possible but dwelling on yesterday’s negatives will not improve today or tomorrow’s happenings.

Complaining doesn’t fix anything, taking action will fix the future. I know we all need to vent sometimes, I know I do. Vent to a close friend or family member, get it out of your system and then move on. Complaining about yesterday will never ever make tomorrow a happier or better day.

Leave the past in the past. Learn from it, take it for what it is, improve on it and move on. Tomorrow be better only if the complaining is left in the past.

Take this Monday, the start to a brand new week, as a new beginning. Focus on the days ahead and good things that can happen. Make this week better than last!

What good things happened to you this past weekend?
Are you trying more to not complain about the past?

Derma e Has Finally Arrived at Target!

#noticethelotus at target in 2016

It’s really no secret, Target is my weakness and I love it. Who doesn’t love Target?

I go to Target for everything and then some – groceries, organic products, cleaning supplies, house decor and beauty supplies. It so convenient to be able to get all of my shopping done in one store and at good prices. Target always has the best finds in any of their departments.

Target Shopping List

That’s why when Derma|e reached out to me to help launch their new #noticethelotus campaign I was super excited because guess what? Derma|e’s products are now available at Target! The range and quality of beauty products Target carries seems to just be getting better and better.

Derma|e is one of my new favorite brands ever since I worked with them for their Hydrating Night Creme review. I’ve been a loyal user since and now I’m hooked on their Firming DMAE Eye Lift creme. I use both of these products as part of my nightly routine to help slow the aging process.

Firming DMAE Eye Lift

28 might seem too young to some to worry about aging but I believe it is so incredibly important to take care of skin at any age. Right now it’s all about prevention for me and Derma|e’s vegan and all natural products are making it so easy. The changes in my skin are already noticeable. My oiliness is less of a problem, some of my acne scars are slowly fading and my laugh lines are less noticeable.

The Firming DMAE Eye Lift creme is affordable just like their entire line of products which is unlike so many brands out there. I’ve tried so many beauty products out there, both at low affordable price points and expensive more “luxury” brand products, and expensive does not always mean it works.

Target 100% does it again now that they carry Derma|e’s line of parabens, phthalates, mineral oil and petrolatum free products that are always cruelty-free, gluten-free and 100% vegan.

Remember next time you are at Target to pick up one of Derma|e’s products and share it on social media with #noticethelotus.

Do you shop for vegan and cruelty free beauty products?

What’s your favorite thing to shop for at Target?

#noticethelotus at target...derma e has arrived

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post of behalf of Derma|e but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Dangers of Deception: Volume 1 {A Debut Novel Review}

Dangers of Deception Book Review

It’s the start to a new year and that means there are lots of new books to read this year. My list of books to read is ever growing and I love reading many different books from all different genres. I really love discovering books from brand new authors.

Dangers of Deception: Volume I a debut novel written by author Amanda J. Bremen. This book is filled with drama, lies, cheating and murder. Once I started reading Dangers of Deception: Volume I, I couldn’t put it down.

Dangers of Deception Author Amanda Bremen


Jackson Collins is a hard working father, working at a demolition company, who will do anything for his daughter Alexandria. When Alexandria’s mother, Ashley, kicks him out and threatens to take her away from him, he will do anything to get her back. A task that comes a little too easy at first. Ashley has plans of her own on how to keep her daughter when she reunites with an old high school love interest, Robbie. Jackson unexpectedly gets emotionally involved with an older woman, Marisa, and falls head over heels. There is a problem though, Marisa is married with an abusive husband and children of her own. She comes to Jackson after a beating from her husband, but when Detective Carson enters the picture, Marisa fears the consequences of pressing charges. Danger soon follows Jackson when Marisa’s family finds out about their relationship going to extreme lengths to keep them apart. Ashley’s plans to get Alexandria back take an unexpected turn when she finds out that Robbie’s family isn’t exactly how they seem. Her involvement with the family’s activities put her on the run and can only end in tragedy forcing her to make a sacrifice. Having to take on an extra job to help support his daughter, Jackson relies on babysitting help from a long time trusted friend and co-worker, Amy. She is there to help Jackson after his near death experience and soon becomes a target of revenge herself.
Bremen’s debut novel is a fast paced read with twists and turns around every page. Bremen jumps straight into the drama with this book –

“Do you know what it’s like to be deceived? Manipulated? Heartbroken? Do you know what it’s like to feel eyes on the back of your head…” (Intro, Pg. 2).

Within the first few pages a glimpse is given into the pace of this book.

Dangers of Deception: Volume 1 has good character development. So much so that truthfully, I had a love hate relationship with some of the characters but that’s the sign of a good story to me. Every character does not need to be likeable and Ashley sure wasn’t likeable. She was so incredibly selfish and uncaring. Then when things went bad all of a sudden she had an epiphany. I don’t want to give away any major story plot lines but in the end Ashley sort of manages to redeems herself, but only a little.

Chapters throughout the book alternated between Jackson’s, Ashley’s and Amy’s voices. That seems to be the new writing style now and I’m a fan of it.I enjoy reading a story that allows the reader to gain a more in-depth knowledge of what motivates different characters. Bremen also did a good job of bringing in the plot twists when she switched from one character to another. Every time it switched I knew the storyline was developing with more of the tangled lies and deceit.

Dangers od Deception

I enjoyed this quick paced soap opera-y book and I am looking forward to Bremen’s next installment. I’m so curious to know what happened to some currently missing characters. Volume I left me hanging and now I need to know who’s going to die next. Again, I don’t want to give anything away for those of you who haven’t read it yet but Bremen has a style of writing all her own that left me wanting more and she ended Volume I with a cliffhanger that needs to be answered.

Currently Dangers of Deception: Volume 1  is only available on Amazon. I recommend this book to anyone who loves a good drama that is a quick and fun read.

Have you read this debut novel yet?

What are some of your favorite drama filled books you’ve read before?

Dangers of Deception Volume 1 Author Amanda Bremen

Disclosure: This book was sent to me free of charge in exchange for a review but all opinions are my own.

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